Love for science

Knowledge of science and scientific attitude are basic requirements for the development of a country. It is also necessary to nurture scientific and technological talent in children to produce manpower for scientific and technological achievements. Science Club play an important role in encouraging scientific curiosity, creativity and attitude. The activities of our club are an effective mass media for exposing the public to the scientific developments and lo the social relevance of science. Children all over the world are full of vivid imagination and divisibility. We cannot expect more affluent society and hopeful future in our country having abundant natural resources without a fruitful growth of young brains and creative power of students and children, shouldering a subsequent generation.







Tribute to

Fr. C. Debrouwer
Mahendra Prasad Chourasia
Dr. Ashok Sinha
Dr. Rakesh Popli

Forthcoming Programmes
  • Aero Modeling Show

  • Tod-Fod-Jod Workshop

  • ICT in Daily Life Jharkhand School Students ICT Fair 2014

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